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Sake Bar

At Bar Hayama, we offer many bottles and flights of your fancy. Let our servers help you find your favorite!
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Did You Know?

That sake has a higher alcohol content than wine? It is about 15% to 17%. Enjoy sipping sake slow, and make sure to drink lots of water too!
That sake is for sipping and savoring, just like wine? Though often served in a small cup, never take a shot of it!
That sake with profound fragrance is great when chilled, and the sake with savory flavor is wonderful warmed?
That sake is very delicate, and needs to be stored in a refrigerator, away from direct light and humidity?
That sake is an amazing drink with so much variety and you have a lifetime journey in getting to know them bottle-by-bottle?


Find Your Brew

Ginjo-shu [Premium brew sake]
Aromatic and delicate brew that drinks smooth. Rice milled down to 60% remaining or less. Even more milled is called Daiginjo-shu [dye-ghin-joe-shu], (50% or less) super premium sake. Great chilled.

Junmai-shu [Pure rice sake]
You will enjoy a mellow aroma reminiscent of steamed rice; rich and savory. Quintessential sake lover’s flavor. No brewers alcohol added. Wonderful warmed.

Honjozo-shu [“Original” sake]
Round and full-bodied sake with brewers alcohol added, slightly lighter and crisper than Junmai. Rice milled down to 70% remaining or less. Delicious warmed.


Brewing Methods

Namazake [Unpasteurized sake]
This delecate sake is uniquely fresh tasting and vivid in its expression. Enjoy it chilled.

Genshu [Undiluted sake]
Sake with original full-strength alcohol content varying from 17% to 20%. Pronounced and robust flavor. Perfect on the rocks.

Nigori [Cloudy sake]
Sweet and creamy sake made by roughly filtering the mash. Great for dessert, chilled.

Koshu [Aged sake]
Special brew with a beautiful amber hue. Aged for three years and up, with mature and rich flavor. Wonderful as an after meal treat, like an aged sherry.